Month: February 2016

Overland 101
Overland Tech
Phase 1

Sway-bar Disconnects (and why they should be one of your first mods)

A while back I did a three part series on planning a build and selecting first mods for an overland adventure rig.  One of the things I didn’t mention were my sway-bar disconnects.  This will also be a lead-in piece to a multi-part series on suspension system basics and the pros and cons of lift […]

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Trailer Tech

ECOA Trailer Project Update

The goal of the next phase of the trailer project is to get the trailer weather tight.  That would require rebuilding the door surrounds and patching the front window opening. So many choices… and this is only a third of what they carry. Not far from me is a store that is every DIY’ers dream. […]

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Winter Wheeling 101

Last weekend I split my time between working on the trailer Saturday and venturing up into the mountains to play in the snow on Sunday.  I contacted a few local friends and we got a small group together.  Two JKU’s, a WJ Grand Cherokee, a Toyota Tacoma, and of course my LJ.  Collectively we were […]

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