Coming soon…

In a few days Season 3 of the Echoes of Adventure Podcast will go live on all popular podcast platforms (Apple, Google, Audible, etc). This season will be a rundown of my “10 Essentials for Overland Travel” talk. Each topic will get its own episode and each episode will have its own guest (or two).

No spoilers, but there will be a mix of new and returning guest this season! It’s also worth mentioning that there is now official EoA merch available in the ECOA online store! If you enjoy this podcast please show your support by ordering a patch or stickers. If you REALLY enjoy the podcast consider joining the ECOA Patron Support Team and save money on things like merch, books, and training programs in 2021.

The Echoes of Adventure podcast is presented by L.T. Wright Knives

Once again thank you to L.T. Wright Knives for their support of the Echoes of Adventure Podcast. Make sure to check out the morning Quote of Coffee with L.T. himself. It’s a great way to get the day started on the right foot with a solid inspirational quote.