Echoes of Adventure: Season 3, Episode 9

Is there anything better after a long day on the trails than a hot meal? Well, maybe a cold adult beverage, but for the purposes of this episode we’re going to be talking about food and water. We will save the adult beverages for another time.

The guests on this episode are Eric and Brittany from Hourless Life. If one of those names sounds familiar, you’re not wrong. Last season Eric joined myself and a few others for a “Jeep Talk” episode. Back then they were known as the “Jeepsies.” Don’t worry, we talk about their rebranding and their new project as well as their upcoming global adventure. For now, sit back and enjoy another podcast episode and when the time comes, check the links below for some recipes and other camp cooking tips.

Echoes of Adventure: Season 3, Episode 9 – Time to talk about some of the things we can’t live without: food and water. Joined by Eric and Brittany of The Hourless Life we talk about solo travel, traveling with a family, traveling with special dietary needs, our favorite spices, and how to feed a hungry toddler (no not me) while on an overland adventure.

Note: During the taping I mention the Lifesaver Jerry Can around minute 19. I also mentioned that we weren’t sponsored by them. This was a factual statement at the time of taping. Between the time of taping and the publication date of this podcast we did receive a gear sponsorship from Lifesaver for our upcoming global adventure.” ~ Eric Highland, Hourless Life

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