ECOA Trailer Project Update

The goal of the next phase of the trailer project is to get the trailer weather tight.  That would require rebuilding the door surrounds and patching the front window opening.
So many choices… and this is only a third of what they carry.

Not far from me is a store that is every DIY’ers dream.  It’s an old time style hardware store that carries a little bit of everything.  One isle that I needed to visit for the next phase of my trailer build was the raw metal isle.  With some 0.75″ square tube and some 0.75″ angle iron in hand, along with some other supplies from the big box store, it was time to start on the trailer.

Saturday: Our goal for this Saturday work session was to get the rear doors hung.

First up, grinding down the ribs so the new door surround could sit flush.
Using the exiting doors as a template, a new door surround was welded.
It’s nice having a friend with a welder. I’m spoiled, I know.

Old doors hung in the new door surround.

The doors are recessed just enough that the tailgate can fold up and latch in place.

Wednesday: Due to a nasty Nor’Easter that dropped more than 30+ inches in my area I lost a weekend to work on it.  My friend and I opted for a mid-week session on Wednesday night with the goal of getting the rear door surround skinned.

Time for some sheet metal!
Surprised a 4’x4′ sheet will fit in the back of an LJ?  So was I.

Adding some bracing.

More welding.

This is were we left off after breaking a half-dozen drill bits.

Saturday:  A few days later it was game on!  I had a fresh set of drill bits and some renewed vigor to get this buttoned up.

Picking up where we left off.

New drill bits worked like a charm.  We had the passenger surround done in no time.

The front went up just as easy.  It’s in two pieces with a center support for added rigidity.
Repurposing the trailer lights that came on the trailer…
… which were repurposed Jeep Wrangler taillights.

Seemed like a fitting way to end the day.
Thanks to my friends for the help, and the cigar.

Next up, seem sealing and primer.