2016 No Highways Tour

Shortly I will be embarking on the 2016 No Highways Tour.  For the last few weeks I’ve been making a lot of tech orientation posts in preparation for this trip.   The time has come to shift gets from prep mode to adventure mode.  Given the lack of internet access over the next few weeks, and the nature of the trip itself, I won’t be making any updates here.  In the meantime make sure to follow the trip as it unfolds via the NHT facebook page as well as the ECOA Instagram feed.

Revised trip plan.

You’ll notice in the above graphic that the contingency route is considerably shorter than the original coast-to-coast route I had planned to take.  This reflects lower than anticipated pre-orders for the book.  The reduction in funding warranted a more manageable route.  The 2016 contingency route will be 4,500 miles through 9 states over 40 days.  This one is more on par with last year’s 5,000 mile Maine to Florida trip which took 30 days.  I will be starting things off with a pre-trip stop in Moab for Easter Jeep Safari as well as an in-trip stop at Overland Expo West in Arizona.

While shortening the route is not an ideal move, I think it’s in the best interest of the bigger picture to make things a little more manageable.  If things change while I’m on the trip and it looks like I can continue with the original plan I may consider it.

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