[Album] American Adventurist Appalachian Rendezvous – Friday Trail Ride

The Friday of the 2016 Appalachain Rendezvous was spent with the Uwharrie Off-Road Training Center staff on some of their private trails.  All in all it was a good day on some tight twisty forest trails.

Getting ready to roll out.
Not the guide this time around, but as far front as I could get.

Started off staging in the main area at the front of the property:

Then we moved out onto the trails:


The main feature was a hill climb that was pretty brutal:

As you can tell from the photos, we got into some pretty technical recoveries midway through the day.  I won’t lie, the Jeeps all made it up the hill.  I won’t say the Toyotas needed a little help, but well, the photos don’t lie.  (All in good fun of course).

Check out the next album for more photos from the Appalachian Rendezvous.

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