[Album] American Adventurist Appalachian Rendezvous – Saturday’s Potluck and Raffle

As mentioned before, Saturday I spent some time on the fire roads in Uwharrie National Forest.  That was a pretty intense day, but still lots of fun.  Once back on site at the UORTC I checked out some of the setups around camp and got ready for the evening’s potluck and raffle.

Uwharrie Off-Road Training Center is a very gracious host for the rendezvous.
Great setting with a lovely view.

Some scenes around the rendezvous of the various campsites:

One of my favorite setups.  Loved the hammock stands build into the bumpers.

Nothing says “overland” like a Ford Focus, right?
You thought I was going to say Unimog did you?

Okay, I admit it… that Unimog is bad-freaking-ass!

Time for dinner and the raffle:

Everyone laying eyes on the raffle prizes


Another great rendezvous has come and gone.  Already looking forward to next year!

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