2016 Analytics


Below is an analysis of traffic to the ECOA blog, Facebook page, and Instagram feed as well as the No Highways Tour Facebook page.  This year was amazing in terms of growth.  Traffic to the blog is up 200% compared to 2015 in terms of monthly average views.  The growth in number of followers on social media is also pretty impressive; especially considering I don’t do any sort of paid promotion of the pages or posts.  I can only imagine what 2017 will bring!

ECOA Blog Views 2016 Q1-Q4

  • Annual Total Views = 25,749
  • Average Monthly Views = 2,146
  • Growth from ’15 to ’16 = 200%
  • 5,395 max monthly views
2015 and 2016 month-by-month comparison
Dotted line = total monthly views
Wave line = running average views
2015 and 2016 graphs inline
Pardon the premature expansion to 2017

ECOA Instagram 2016 Q4

  • 476.4% growth in 2016
  • 793 average reach per post
  • 966 average impressions per post
  • 6,804 max post reach
  • 6.914 max post impressions
Reach figures for the ECOA Instagram feed for 2016
Instagram outputs it’s tracking data organized from highest value to lowest value
I really wish it was chronological

Impression figures for the ECOA Instagram feed for 2016
Like above it’s organized by value rather than chronologically

ECOA Facebook 2016 Q4

  • 414 total likes
  • 18% growth in Q4
  • 202% growth in 2016
  • 264 average reach per post
  • 531 max post reach

Facebook post reach figures for Q4 of 2016

NHT Facebook 2016 Q4

  • 507 total likes
  • 4.5% growth in Q4
  • 27% growth in 2016
  • 241 average reach per post *
  • 699 max post reach *


  • * The NHT page sees reduced traffic while not on a book trip
  • The NHT Facebook page is the oldest social media account directly related to ECOA
  • All growth and traffic is organic with no paid promotions on Facebook or Instagram
  • Bumps in growth and traffic occur after major events
  • High traffic posts are usually install write-ups and trip reports
  • 2016 is the first full year of content for the ECOA blog; it was live for only 5 months in 2015
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