Good Day PA!

Sorry for not posting a blog post last week.  I had a few too many irons in the fire and the article I was working on never made it past the draft phase.  That said, two of the irons paid off.  First, Saturday’s wrenching party was a success.  I now have a new rear cargo rack.  It’s roughly 90% done.  Just needs some finishing touches, a few mounting hole’s drilled, and it will be good to go.  I’l get some pics up soon.  The other thing is pretty big news and what was eating up the bulk of my time the end of last week.  I’m going to be on TV!

“Good Day PA! is abc27’s daily lifestyle program, airing at 12:30 each weekday afternoon!
Tune in to learn about local business offerings, connect with nonprofit groups, meet local authors, watch performances and learn from cooking demonstrations.”

I have been selected by the local news station’s mid-day lifestyle program as part of their Author Spotlight series.  I will be appearing live on-air Monday March 27th to talk about the No Highways Tour book series as well ECOA.  Needless to say I’m super excited!  For those not local to the south central PA area the segment will end up on their website and I will link it as soon as it’s up.

In the meantime I’m playing catch up and will do my best to get a real blog article up later this week (I promise)!