[Event Report] 22nd Annual PA Jeeps All Breeds Jeep Show, York PA

This will be a relatively short report, but I thought I would type it out while things are fresh on my mind.  This past weekend I attended the PA Jeeps All Breeds Jeep Show, for the tenth time, but the first time I had my own booth.

Loaded up and ready to roll to York, PA for the 22nd PA Jeeps All Breeds Jeep Show

Just like at Bantam I was able to have my own booth to promote the overland lifestyle and share some of my knowledge and experience in the form of hands-on workshops.  However things didn’t turn out how I expected.  Read on for the brief after-action-report…


Getting things set up in my very narrow booth.

Hard ground requires a hard hammer.

This new deluxe ARB room courtesy of Bomber Products is perfect for a weekend like this.
Check out their site for their Awn-Lock brackets, awnings, and room kits.

Luckily I don’t have an inferiority complex.
JCR Offroad on the right.
Torq-Masters on the left.
There are worse neighbors to have.


Attending the Mount Zion Offroad open house and pre-show kick-off party
Managed to connect with longtime Patron Support Team member Josh (aka @greenjeep1)

Just something about a long line of Jeeps

The weather was almost perfect…
… almost.
More on that soon.

Another Patron Support Team Member (@joshdgregg) flexing his JKU out on the Metalcloack CTI ramp.

Even managed to run into a Corporate Partner.
Rigid Industries flexing their JKU on the CTI ramp.
Check out those coil-overs up front and that Dynatrac ProRock front axle.  #want

Remember that weather? It turned.
Heavy heavy rains pushed us indoors till it let up and we could head out.

On with the show

As I mentioned before, the premise of me attending the show was to provide attendees with some hands-on workshops.  Each day I offered up three workshops on Tire Pressure Management, Overland Recovery Kits, and Preparing your Jeep for Overland Travel.  In between sessions I talked to attendees about the overland adventure lifestyle, the mission of ECOA, and the No Highways Tour book series.  Although the vast majority of attendees align more with the rock-crawling and trail-riding end of the off-road enthusiast, awareness and interest in the overland adventure lifestyle is continuing to grow.

Not a bad little booth if I don’t say so myself.

Rocking the Overland Solar 150w solar panel to keep the fridge cold.

Just sitting here watching people pass by.
Got to talk to a lot of people about the overland adventure lifestyle.

I didn’t get to walk around the show much due to being stuck in the booth.
But I did manage to spot this beauty in the camping area.
I think a J-Truck would make a great overland rig. Don’t you?

Roy and his wife have a great set up.
Talk to them at least year’s show and it was nice to talk to them again this year.

Prepping for a workshop on Tire Pressure Management
This is what it’s all about.
Thanks to the following corporate partners for supporting these workshops:
Tires: Cooper Tire
Bead-locks: Coyote Enterprises
Onboard Air: ViAir Corp
Deflators: J.T. Brooks

After the show

After a long day in the hot sun it’s nice to kick back with a cold beer (or two).

I also took time to read this great article on batteries by Brian from Overland Solar.
Spoiler Alert… you might just see some of those Odyssey Batteries in a future ECOA article

ECOA is a firm believer in the Leave No Trace ethos.
It doesn’t matter if it’s public or private land.
Doesn’t matter of it’s a wild forest or a developed fairground.
We do our best to leave no trace that we were ever there.


Having my own booth will take a little getting used to.  In past years I was free to roam and socialize as I wanted.  This time around, like the Bantam show last month, I was tethered to my booth.  Thankfully a great number of friends, family, and fans stopped by to say hi.  I also got to talk to a lot of new people about ECOA, the No Highways Tour book series, and the overland adventure lifestyle in general.  All in all it was a great show.

In the future I hope to have a better booth layout.  I now realize there is a difference between a 10×40 and a 40×10.  I hope next year to get something more along the lines of a 20×20 or even a 20×30 and maybe invite someone to share the booth with me.

Now the time has come to reset once again and prepare for the Mid-Atlantic Overland Festival.  I also hope, once I get new shocks on the LJ, to run the Trans-PA-Trail.  Shows are fun and all, but I’m itching for an adventure.


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