You need to go read this article – Now!

I’ve made it a point to keep the content here on the ECOA blog my own.  Part of that is just because this is my own little slice of the digital world.  Also because I don’t have the funds currently to pay anyone else to contribute to the site.  As such, the job of content creation rests on my shoulders.  That said, I’m still a consumer of content.  Like most of you I read other blogs, I check forums, and watch countless minutes of YouTube content – both overland adventure related and not.  Occasionally I’ll come across something someone else wrote that I think is worth sharing.

In the past I’ve written on land use ethics as they pertain to the overland lifestyle.  This time around I’m going to share an article entitled Locked Gates Ahead.  It was penned by American Adventurist founder and I4WDTA member Dave Bennette.  I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Dave through American Adventurist for a few years now and have met him on many occasions both at the Appalachian Rendezvous events as well as Overland Expo.  Like me he shares a deep desire for responsible land use.   Check out the article and make sure you’re doing your part to help keep public lands public.

Your homework is to read this article!