2019 Overland Skills Weekends

From day one the mission of ECOA has been built on the cornerstone of education.  This is a reflection of my own professional past working in academics as well as my personal desire to share my knowledge and experience with those around me.

Over the last four years I have attended large events like Overland Expo as well as smaller rallies and shows as an instructor.  New for 2019 I will be hosting my own series of training events called Overland Skills Weekends.  Read on for details…

Four Themes; Four Weekends

The plan for 2019 is to have four Overland Skills Weekends each themed on a particular topic.  This will be accomplished by spending the day Saturday in hands-on experiential driven workshops.  Two sessions of 3 hours each will comprise the bulk of the instructional time.  There will also be an our of Q&A following the conclusion of the second session and a roundtable fireside chat that evening.

If that weren’t enough, each attendee for each weekend will receive a limited edition Blue Ridge Overland Gear back that ties in with the weekend’s theme.  There will also be shirt, patches, and stickers for each weekend.

Weekend #1 – Recovery

Weekend #2 – Communications & Navigation

Weekend #3 – Trip Planning & Logistics

Weekend #4 – Wilderness First Aid

How to Register

Details about each event as well as costs can be found at the ECOA Store link above. The first three weekends will follow the same formate with two three hour sessions on Saturday and roundtable fireside chats Friday and Saturday night.  Weekend #4 will be a much longer and more intensive weekend due to the nature of the WFA certification.
Spots are limited, so if you want to come you’ll ned to register quick!  If a particular class fills up just shoot me a message and I’ll create a waiting list for future sessions.  Along those lines, if you have ideas for topics you’d like to see covered in this single weekend focused format message me your ideas.

Future of ECOA

These workshop weekends represent the future of East Coast Overland Adventures.  For 2019 we’re starting off mildly with just these four weekends.  If all goes well we’d like to host one weekend a month for 2020.  Don’t worry though, you’ll still see ECOA at both Overland Expos and some of the other east coast overland events.  So keep and eye out and hopefully our paths will cross!