ECOA is about to get a facelift!

Over the next few days the East Coast Overland Adventures website will be undergoing a major comprehensive overhaul.  This will be an inside out teardown and rebuild of our digital home.  This will not only increase functionality of the blog but it will also add some new features to the site.  What are those features? Well, you’ll just have to stick around to find out!

Please sit tight while we renovate.

In the meantime I apologize for any broken links, format errors, or missing content (like photos).  Trying to migrate four years with of blog posts isn’t going to be easy.  Neither is building a new site capable of not just blogging but “other things” and making sure everything plays well together.  If all goes well most of you won’t notice the switch other than the facelift.  I appreciate your patience during this brief period of chaos, but let me assure you it will be worth the wait!