Echoes of Adventure: Season 1, Episode 8

How risky is international travel? What kind of first aid kit should you carry? Are flip-flops safe footware? If you have questions like this then this is the episode for you. The best part it there are three guests – yes, three – on this episode bringing together their varied professional backgrounds and years of experience.

Echoes of Adventure: Season 1, Episode 8 – Risk Assessment
In this episode we discuss risk assessment with The Road Chose Me, Overland Medic, and New Horizons Overland. We talk about first aid kits, the risks of international travel, and how klutzy certain people can be.
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Guests on this Episode:

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* No formal affiliation with any of the above companies is implied. Other than BROG. We love BROG and BROG loves us. That said, I myself have trained with both the Red Cross (CRP, 1st Aid, WFA, AED, etc) and with SOLO (WFR) and will vouch for the quality of their programs. I have bought supplied from First Aid Supplies and Adventure Medical and Rodney has purchased from North American Rescue. If you have any questions don’t hesistate to comment below.


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