Echoes of Adventure: Season 2, Episode 3

Time to tie a few episodes together and look at what it takes to put together a comprehensive plan for building an adventure vehicle. In this first part of planning a build we will examine choosing a platform based on objective and pragmatic criteria. In the next part we will then look at coming up with a plan for what – if any – modifications we will make to the vehicle.

Echoes of Adventure: Season 2, Episode 3 – This is the first part of a two part series on planning a build for overland adventure travel. In this part we look at choosing a platform using a practical and objective series of parameters.
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This matrix examines the job duties and priorities I set forth when I began looking into replacing my current vehicles in 2014.
This matrix examines the various platforms I considered starting with the two vehicles I owned (the Sebring and the Grand Cherokee) as as well as past vehicles I owned (like the Ranger) compared to other potential platforms (like a fullsize truck, crossover, or Wrangler)

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