Introducing the ECOA Reading Guide

After five years and just over 150 articles I think the time has come to finally put together a reading guide. This list serves two purposes. First, it is a way for people new to ECOA to navigate their way through the more popular articles on the site. Second, and more importantly, it’s a way for people new to the Overland Adventure Lifestyle to get started on their homework.

Reading Guide Categories:

  • Getting Started with the Overland Adventure Lifestyle
  • Trip Planning and Logistics
  • Vehicle Modifications

As time goes on the reading guide will be updated. I may even create seperate 101 and 201 level reading lists. This would allow more experienced readers to focus on more advanced topics.

The ECOA Reading Guide can be found via the right side bar right under the ECOA mission statement, or you can click on any of the three links embedded in this post.


As always a huge thanks to all the ECOA Patron Support Team and the ECOA Corporate Partners that have supported the creation of these articles.