Echoes of Adventure: Season 2, Episode 6

This quarantine situation is hitting us all pretty hard. Those of us that are use to chasing horizons and exploring twisting dusty paths to nowhere are clawing at the walls. At least I am. Today we’re going to look at a quick list of five things we can do right now to prepare for our next adventure.

Echoes of Adventure: Season 2, Episode 6 – Right now many of us are cooped up with no ability to travel. Now is a perfect chance to prepare for our next adventure. In this episode we look at five things we can do right now from the comfort of our own home.
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5 Things To Do Right Now:

#1 – Nut and bolt your rig while using your mobile tool kit.  Inventory what’s in there, make a list, and check to see what’s missing or what’s in there that you don’t need.

#2 – Practice camp cooking in your back yard.  Same idea as your tool kit, do an inventory and see what’s missing and what’s extra.  Also, check expiration dates and if your seasonings are clumping.

#3 – Inventory and inspect your recovery gear.  Check your synthetics for snags.  If need be, wash it.  Again, check to see what’s missing from your kit, or what’s extra you don’t need to carry.

#4 – Do some digital exploring.  Never been to Moab? Hit up google maps, Trail, and other online resources.  Interested in a BDR?  Hit up their site and put together a plan for running one of those routes.  See what other resources you’ll want like the Purple Lizard or Lat40 maps, and gazetteers.

#5 – Learn a new skill.  Do you have your HAM?  Now’s a great time to study for the test.  Not familiar with Gaia GPS? There are great videos on YouTube.  First Aid skills rusty, pick up a book or do some research online.  Maybe make the jump from WFA to WFR.

We’re all in this together even if we’re apart.  So don’t hesitate to reach out to your fellow enthusiasts to see what they’re up to and how they’re passing the time.