Echoes of Adventure: Season 2, Episode 8

What happens when you get five Jeep enthusiasts talking about Jeeps? This. This is what you get. On this episode of the podcast Dan, John, Rodney, Eric, and I all talk about our love of Jeeps, what we don’t love about Jeeps, some Jeeps we’ve owned, and how our travels are influenced by the Jeeps we drive. If you’re a fan of Jeeps this is a great episode to tune into!

Echoes of Adventure: Season 2, Episode 8 – Dan Grec of the Road Chose me, John Jacobs of New Horizons Overland, Rodney Dewson of Overland Medic, and Eric Highland of The Jeepsies joined me for a Virtual Campfire – Jeep Talk – edition. Tune in to hear about our mutual love of Jeeps and how the influence our travels.
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Guests on this Episode: