Videos & Patreon

I went and did a thing. I bought a new camera. I’ve been teasing for far too long that I will be getting into video production, and I just got another step closer to that day.

What’s happening with the blog and podcast?

So here’s how it’s going to work. Things here on the ECOA blog and things with the EOA podcast aren’t going to change. So don’t be afraid of a paywall going up. There also won’t be a paywall for finished videos. They will get posted on YouTube for public consumption. So in the end, if you enjoy consuming the content here without throwing me any money, fret not, nothing is going to change.

So why join the Patron Support Team?

There are already various perks to the Patron Support Team, but when it comes to videos here’s what Patrons will have access to:

  • Behind the scenes clips
  • Bloopers & gag clips
  • Vlog style update videos
  • Name and tier in video credits
  • Early access to finished videos
  • Exclusive gear reviews
  • Input on future ECOA videos

If some of those ideas entice you to become a member of the ECOA Patron Support Team, great. We will be glad to have your support in fulfilling our mission to Educate, Encourage, and Inspire. If not, don’t worry, we still value you as a member of the ECOA viewing family and I’m glad you have an interest in the articles, podcasts, and soon to be videos we create here.

So what’s next?

Long story short, not much will change with the monthly operation of the blog and podcast series. Once videos are done they will begin rolling out on YouTube on a weekly basis later this year. Early access via Patreon will start in June and YouTube videos will start going live as soon as they’re done.

As always, huge shoutout to all current and past members of the ECOA Patron Support Team and all current and past Corporate Partners that have helped East Coast Overland Adventure make it this far!

For those interested, the ECOA YouTube Channel can be found here.

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