Echoes of Adventure: Season 3, Episode 6

Can you hear me now?” Remember those ads? Well this podcast might as well start off with that tagline because it’s all about overland communications. Joining us once again is John Fury of Fury Training Concepts and he is going to share some of his radio knowledge with us. He is a licensed HAM (Amateur Radio) operator and uses radios on a daily basis as part of his job as a park ranger. He also has extensive experience using all kinds of radios both personally and professionally, so yeah, he knows a thing or two.

I myself have a pretty solid working knowledge of radios. In a past life I was a radio station DJ for a while and did some time in the music industry as a sound tech. Although long since “retired” I still considering myself an audiophile. I’ve also used a wide range of radios in both my personal life as well as various jobs I’ve had.

CB’s, GMRS, HAM, satellite, and cell phones are all super common these days. What radio you need depends on who you’re trying to talk to and where you’re at. This episode is a great introduction for those of you trying to figure out your overland communication solutions. Make sure to check out the links below for more resources on overland communications not just here on the ECOA blog but other resources that we’ve used ourselves.

Echoes of Adventure: Season 3, Episode 6 – We’re onto essential number five: communication. Joined by John Fury of Fury Training Concept s we discuss all things radio comms from the classic CB all the way up to modern age satellite devices like the InReach. Make sure to check out the show notes for additional resources.

Additional Resources

You can find more info on the classes John teaches and the guided rides he facilitates by following @furtytrainingconcepts on Instagram. Also keep and out up for their upcoming website and YouTube channel!

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