Echoes of Adventure: Season 3, Episode 7

It wouldn’t be a season of the Echoes of Adventure Podcast without perennial guest Dan – The Real Deal – Grec of The Road Chose me. He’s been on every season so far and he’s back to share some of his knowledge and experience when it comes to tire pressure management – even if we do spell it with an i instead of a y.

There are a LOT of links down below so make sure to check them out. I have written a few articles on tires and tire pressure management. I’ve also reviewed my old ViAir Onboard Air System as well as my new ARB Portable System. Both are great systems and I’m not sure there is a wrong answer. Dan also has a good writeup on his ARB single compressor install and a really good video on tire pressure management.

Echoes of Adventure: Season 3, Episode 7 – We’re over the hump. We’re now in the second half of the 10 Essentials and it’s time to bring out the big guns. Dan – the Real Deal – Grec is back once again to share his many years of experience with us. So kick back and get ready to learn about tire pressure management!

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