ECOA and the 2015 “No Highways Tour”

1 Jeep… 12 States… 28 Days… 3,500 Miles… NO HIGHWAYS!!!

Chances are you found your way to the East Coast Overland Adventures blog through the No Highways Tour.”  While the trip came first it was always part of a bigger plan.  That plan is embodied not just the NHT but the ECOA page and what it means for the future.
My goal is to promote and advocate for the overland adventure lifestyle and do so on a budget that the average person can afford.  We don’t need the newest or best 4×4, the nicest name brand outdoor clothes, or the most flashy gadget or gizmo for camping.  All we need is a willing sprit and the means to get there.
The “No Highways Tour” was a way for me to embody that goal through taking a trip of my own.  I learned a lot during that month long adventure.  I pushed the limits of what I was capable of thanks in part to a group of loyal supporters that were interested in what I had to offer.
The end-product of the “No Highways Tour” was a high quality photography book chronicling my adventure down the east coast.  I funded the trip using a crowd-funding site offering up pre-sales of the book along with other things like photos from the trip and stickers.  The crowd-funding site was also a way for my friends and family to provide financial support to me during a time of personal and professional transition and transformation.  I will never forget that I owe the success of the NHT and the birth of the ECOA site to their faith and generosity.
ECOA is the continuation of the idea behind the first NHT and what will power future trips both long and short.  It will also seve as the primary catalyst for my future blog posts.
In the meantime, sit tight as I work behind the scenes making East Coast Overland Adventures a reality!

0 thoughts on “ECOA and the 2015 “No Highways Tour”

  1. Eric,

    When I do these trips the whole premise is avoiding interstate highways. I try to combine a mix of paved and unpaved roads. It's a tough balance between the overall big picture of the trip as a whole and the minute details of an off-road trail. All in all the trips have been a lot of fun so far.

    The books themselves are more of a guide book to the destination. I refrain from sharing details about the routes because of how quickly/easily things change. Very hard keeping track of 1,000 miles of routes as a single person endeavor. However I can help point you to trip planning and route finding resources whenever I can.