Echoes of Adventure: Season 1, Episode 3

In the first episode we looked at the foundations of a podcast. Last week we examined my own origin story. Part of that story is the No Highways Tour. I thought I’d pull back the curtain and give you some tips and tricks that I use when planning a long-distance trip that covers multiple states over the span of a few weeks. Check below for links to other relevant articles.

Echoes of Adventure: Season 1, Episode 3 – Behind the scenes of the No Highways Tour
In this episode we take a look behind the scenes of the No Highways Tour. Trip planning, logistics, food, fuel, and budgeting are just a few of the topics covered.
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Here is a screenshot of my trip planning spreadsheet.
It’s a work in progress, so don’t think of it as a finished product.

Click the picture to enlarge it
Digital and print copies of the No Highways Tour Books can be ordered on the store website.
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