Echoes of Adventure: Season 3, Episode 11

Well, we’re done. Time to wrap it up and go home. Wait, this is only episode 11? But we’re on Essential number ten. Probably the most essential of the essentials because without it we’re not going anywhere. Yup, that’s right. Won’t get far on an empty tank. So for this episode Dan Grec and I discuss planning, budgeting, and transporting fuel.

There are a not of misconceptions about fuel out there. How much should you carry? How do you carry it? When do you use it? Speaking from real world first hand experience Dan and I share our insights into how you calculate fuel mileage, when to carry extra fuel, and when not to carry extra fuel. This is, of course, just our opinions. However we hope you’ll be better informed on your next adventure and more importantly a little safer.

Echoes of Adventure: Season 3, Episode 11 – Essential #10, Fuel. Without it you’re not getting very far. Joined once again by Dan – the real deal – Grec of The Road Chose Me we discuss fuel mileage, budgeting for fuel, transporting extra fuel, and even dabble in the gas vs. diesel debate. Stick around for the whole episode and hopefully you’ll realize you don’t really need to worry about carrying extra fuel.

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